Which Bag Brand is Are You Favoring Right Now?

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There was Daniel Lee at Burberry, Matthew Williams at Givenchy, Matthieu Blazy at Bottega Veneta, Pharrell Williams at Louis Vuitton, and most recently, Sabato De Sarno at Gucci.

The list goes on when it comes to upheavals at big luxury brands in the last few years, and with so many changes and beloved designers moving from one brand to another, switches in the overall aesthetic of a brand are almost inevitable. That often means that our brand loyalties and which brands fit in with our personal aesthetics will also change.

Implementing Change

While brands must be mindful of consumers when appointing a new creative director, weighing the risk of losing existing customers with the notion of reaching a new audience, the newness of adding change while maintaining a brand’s current integrity is a fine balance to strike.

Along with a new designer at the helm of a house often comes a revamped aesthetic and direction for a luxury brand—and big changes can make or break a brand, completely changing the trajectory and popularity of it altogether. And, at a time when there are more options in the handbag market than ever, if a designer is no longer serving a consumer’s wants and needs, another brand likely will.

Loewe Love

Undeniably one of the biggest changes of the last half a decade is the trajectory of the once-luxury sleeper brand Bottega Veneta. While Daniel Lee pioneered the movement, his successor Matthieu Blazy has certainly maintained momentum, and it has been a pleasure to watch new designs debut. Still, I am increasingly drawn to Loewe, which has experienced strong, steady growth since Jonathan Anderson joined the House as creative director a decade ago.

Loewe has become one of my favorites to watch, and adding a Loewe bag to my lineup bumped Bottega Veneta out from number one, though it still comes in at a close second! I also must admit I’m eager to see what changes come from #newGucci.

Which brand do you consider to be your favorite right now; has it changed since we last chatted in the fall?

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