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The Vikings lived during the Early Middle Ages, and their clothing was designed to keep them warm in the harsh Nordic climate. They wore woolen tunics, fur capes, and leather boots, and adorned themselves with jewelry made from natural materials like bone, amber, and iron. Their clothing was also often decorated with intricate patterns and designs, reflecting their love for art and their cultural heritage. During the Viking age, wearing jewelry and accessories symbolized the tribe membership, used to confer combat ability, was a way of demonstrating status and wealth. Jewelry was used as a badge of Viking pride.

Vikings represent bravery, wisdom, intelligence, exceptional courage and brave spirit of war. The Vikings are good at action and have strong aggression.


Sterling silver Viking rings are superb choices in fashion jewelry. Viking rings are varied, worn by both men and women, usually worn by men, twisted together by metal rods, usually made using 925 metal material into sterling silver jewelry that is not easily smudged, carved with Viking symbols as amulets, while women’s necklaces, as mentioned earlier, are more elaborate. Rings are also viewed as ceremonial and social significance, but they vary in size between the sexes. Viking rings are commonly used as wedding rings, signifying the union between a man and a woman. They are also used as gifts between friends and allies, as a symbol of trust and loyalty.

Viking rings are not only the glory of the Middle Ages, but also the commemoration of Viking culture in today’s society. While the Vikings had to focus on practicality in the past, modern people have more choices and can experiment with different fashion trends. Here are 5 trends of Viking rings on Gthic store, let go!

Yggdrasil is one of the most powerful and deeply reverse symbols in Norse Mythology. The Nordic tree of life has many meanings and many are tied to themes relating to life and existence as seen through the eyes of the ancient Norse people. The nine realms of the cosmos are said to lie within Yggdrasil’s branches and roots; therefore, it is and almighty force holding the universe together. Tree of life symbolizes the descent, death and rebirth.

Besides the tree of life, another popular symbol of Vikings is the Thor’s hammer, which attracts more attention. Thor is the god of the ancient agrarian society. He is the ancient god of war, and he also controls the climate related to agriculture. Thor’s hammer has the power to pacify the dead and bless marriage, rebirth, resurrection.

The Viking compass, also known as the Viking sun cross or the Nordic runic circle, is a symbol that is associated with Vikings, but it’s not historically accurate to say that it was used as a compass in the traditional sense. The symbol is believed to have been used as a symbol of protection, guidance, and good luck.

According to the legends, Fenrir was the son of Loki and was bound by the gods because they feared that he would one day become too powerful and pose a threat to the world. Despite their efforts to contain him, Fenrir eventually broke free and wreaked havoc, causing widespread destruction. The wolf was eventually killed by Odin, who sacrificed himself to slay the beast. Despite its evil reputation, Fenrir remains a popular and enduring figure in Norse Mythology and continues to inspire fear and fascination.

Valknut is one of the most sacred symbols of ancient Northern Mythology which represents a warrior’s heart. “VALR” represents a slain warrior, “KUNT” represents a knot. It symbolizing Viking courage; the challenge of life and the prediction of the future.


Today, Viking rings continue to be popular, both as a way of connecting with the rich history and culture of the Vikings, and as a fashion statement. They are often made of materials like stainless steel and sterling silver, and feature traditional Viking designs, such as knotwork, animal motifs, and runic inscriptions. Whether you’re a history buff or simply love unique and striking jewelry, a Viking ring can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your collection.

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