Valentino Pink Is Perfect for Barbie Summer

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One of the resounding themes that will be remembered as defining the summer of 2023 is Barbie everything. Barbie pink, Margot Robbie’s press junket outfits and bags, Barbiecore taking over every brand and designer, and that America Ferrera monologue in the Barbie movie. However, before there was the Barbie pink summer, Pierpaolo Piccioli solidified Valentino Pink as the color of the brand.

Of course, Barbie has always been closely tied with the feminine and girly color palette as well, but Valentino helped show us that pink is just as bold and powerful as it is fun and lighthearted. A pink bag for summer is a great option. It fits the summer mood well, but don’t think it doesn’t work for fall. I am quite obsessed with olive and beige tones paired with bold pink accessories and trim; it’s probably one of the most beloved and somewhat unexpected color combinations I have gravitated towards the past couple of years.

And if you are more of a neutral, all-beige kind of gal, these may not be the bags for you (scratch that, the bags are still wonderful, I mean, the color may not be for you). However, if a bold Valentino Pink PP – and yes, it has its own Pantone color – is what you are drawn to, consider these bags.

One Stud

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For me, the Valentino One Stud Bag was the perfect addition to the Rockstud family. While the Rockstud, in its traditional sense, continues to be a big part of the brand’s offering, the oversized One Stud offers a signifying Valentino element in a more simplistic yet maximalist effect.

These bags are crafted from incredibly soft and sumptuous lambskin nappa leather with a front closure that is defined by its single maxi stud detail. The interior features lambskin as well, and this tactile element to the leather on the bag makes you want to hug it. This version offers tone-on-tone coloring, from the chain strap to the stud and hardware. The all-over-crystal version is quite special as well.

More Valentino Pink PP

The newest design for Valentino that also is receiving a lot of traction is its Locò Bag. This integrates the V Logo in a way that is recognizable, ornamental, and somehow subtle (comparatively). This is the smallest version of the bag, the Micro size, that my daughter was quite disappointed when she learned it wasn’t intended for her to keep, but I love this as a tiny statement piece.

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Valentino Loco and Rockstud Pink Bags (2 of 6)

Valentino Loco and Rockstud Pink Bags (3 of 6)
Valentino Loco and Rockstud Pink Bags (4 of 6)
Valentino Loco and Rockstud Pink Bags (5 of 6)


Valentino Loco and Rockstud Pink Bags (6 of 6)

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