The Three Bags I’ve Been Wearing on Repeat for Summer 2023

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If you had asked me a couple of years ago what my biggest handbag gripe was, I would have unequivocally answered: not using my bags enough!

I moved from one tiny closet in NYC to another—3 times!—before I moved to an apartment with enough space to properly store my bags. Having enough shelving to store all of my bags standing up in their dust bags, coupled with hanging a rack with multiple hooks in my entryway, has made such a difference when it comes to using my bags more.

I can easily see (and access) what I own, which has not only allowed me to constantly change my rotation but also resulted in a surprising side effect. I’ve realized how at peace I am with my current collection.

A Favorite on Repeat

One of my most-used bags so far this year remains to be my Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 in Pistachio. I knew when I got this bag that I would love it. I had wanted it for over a year before finally pulling the trigger on it, and I’m happy I waited and got it in green instead of black. The color is virtually seasonless and meshes well with most of my wardrobe. It’s surprisingly versatile, and I’ve worn it with everything from dresses and heels to denim, sneakers, and even athleisure à la Hailey Beiber. Though the YSL logo is not everyone’s cup of tea, my clothing lacks a lot of branding, and I like the touch of elevation it adds to any outfit.

An Oldie But Goodie

Another bag I’ve been using like crazy since the spring is the oldest bag in my closet. You guessed it, my 20-year-old vintage Dior Saddle Pochette. I pulled this bag back into my rotation earlier in the season for a night out, and it’s been getting a lot of use since then. I’ve mainly been wearing more low-key outfits like tanks and jeans or button-ups and trousers, and this mini bag easily adds a nice trend appeal to the looks I’m currently favoring.

A New Addition

Lastly, the newest addition to my rotation, one that I’ve yet to reveal here, is my new JW Anderson Bumper 15 bag in blue/purple. I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while now, and seeing it styled and worn by Dua Lipa definitely made me lust after it even more. Even still, I knew that I really did not need another bag, and quite honestly, the only reason I ended up purchasing it was because I got it for a steal (Italist still has some in stock if you’re interested).

My love for the unique shape and JW Anderson’s, if you know, you know, appeal is what first attracted me to the bag, but the purple being available at such a discount was a no-brainer. It’s my favorite color and a shade I wear often enough, especially in the summer, to use frequently. Surprisingly, I don’t own another designer bag in this color. I’m impressed with the bag’s size and construction. I was also pleasantly surprised to find it lined in leather when it arrived—a nice touch for a contemporary bag.

Which bags are you favoring this summer

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