The Many Bags of Morgan Stewart

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For as much insane reality TV as I find myself watching, I never got into Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. The show, which ran for four seasons, debuted in 2014 and was based around the hashtag #RichKids, which grew to Instagram stardom with just that: rich kids showing off the items, travel, housing, and the lifestyle their parents afforded them.

While the hashtag could have easily doubled as #NepoBaby, many of the cast went on to build their own careers – including Dorothy Wang, EJ Johnson, and in the fashion world, most notably, Morgan Stewart McGraw. Morgan Stewart’s fashion sense, quick wit, and direct takes subsequently landed her as a host on four different E! Network series: Daily Pop, Nightly Pop, Necessary Realness, and What the Fashion.

From #RichKids to E!

Morgan went on to marry Jordan McGraw, son of Dr. Phil, in 2020 and honed in on her personal style, which she shares on her social media accounts, naturally.

Similarly to Sophia Richie, Stewart McGraw has a penchant for pulling off quiet luxury looks (for those in the know, these items are not quiet luxury because they are easily identifiable). Her favorite bag brands are the big names Hermès, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and a few others sprinkled in. There is a feeling of accessibility to how she dresses, pairing light-colored denim with The Row sweaters and her love for monochromatic looks (down to the bag and shoes).

She also opts for the clean girl aesthetic, which speaks to me, meaning natural makeup and simple hairstyling, which leaves her feeling more classic than on-trend.

Her style is one that I personally really love. It’s over the top in many ways because few of us have a closet filled with every color and size Hermès bag for each occasion, but she is unabashedly herself and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. When I noted quiet luxury, it is not a term Morgan has used to describe herself; rather, it is the notion of some of the brands and styling she uses that falls into this (overused) category.

Even if her wardrobe and life are not at all relatable to the masses in actuality, there is something about her that makes her feel like your friend you call to gossip about the red carpet arrivals with, and for that, I adore her even more.

Take a look at my favorite bags and outfits Morgan Stewart McGraw has shared below!

The Bags of Morgan Stewart McGraw

Morgan Stewart Bottega Veneta Large Andiamo Bag 1
Morgan Rainbow Rainbow Sunset Hermes Birkin
Morgan Stewart Dior Toile de Jouy Voyage Book Tote Celestial Blue
Morgan Stewart Hermes Birkin in Vert
Morgan Stewart Hermes Yellow Mini Kelly
Morgan Stewart Chanel 23 CC Heart Miniaudiere
Chanel Mini Flap Bag Wood Chain
Morgan Stewart Hermes Mini Kelly in Black
Morgan Stewart Hermes HAC Birkin
Morgan Stewart Bottega Veneta Pouch
Morgan Stewart Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Pouch
Morgan Stewart Saint laurent Icare leather tote 1

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