The Loro Piana Pouch Is the Bag of Summer 2023

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When asked about quiet luxury or stealth wealth, Loro Piana often pops into one’s mind. We can thank shows like Succession and the notion that logos are out in some people’s minds for turning to more subdued brands who offer luxury wares that only those in the know, well, usually know. It was also Tom’s scathing thoughts on ludicrously capacious bags that we may have to thank for the opposite of that: the small, luxe yet mostly unmarked, daily carry.

The Loro Piana Pouch bag has been steadily picking up in the celebrity and influencer world as of late, but Gigi Hadid put it on the map for a couple years now as it has been her personal go-to (in different colors). Sofia Richie Grainge also brought this bag to the limelight with her perfectly curated wedding looks, one of which included a cream version of this bag as well.

The It Bag of Summer 2023

The Italian company, founded in 1924, uses the highest-quality materials and is most known for its premium wool and cashmere products. Its bags follow a similar vein, one that is classic and refined. The Loro Piana Pouch Bag is offered in colored leathers, different materials, and a couple of sizes.

The design is similar to popular top-handle toiletry-like bags that we’ve seen gather appreciation and love as well. While I typically see this bag carried by the top handle, there is an optional shoulder strap, which I would definitely find useful.

The top zip-around flap opens easily to reveal your items inside, and the leather offers structure but also is soft enough to feel inviting and allows the bag to be carried for formal events to more informal daily carrying as well.

These bags aren’t the only bags the brand offers. In fact, there are quite a few more that I find myself drawn to. But I also plan to pop into the store while we are in Milan because if they have the right version for me, I may not be able to say no.

Discover the Loro Piana Pouch now!

SPL5266726 005
Gigi Hadid Loro Piana Pouch
Gigi Hadid Loro Piana Handbag

Loro Piana Pouch

tash ps

Loro Piana Picnic Wicker Pouch

Ariannas Fits Loro Piana Pouch

Reem Alsalem Loro Piana Pouch

Loro Piana Top Handle Bag

Alex Onieva Loro Piana Pouch

parkmanhyun Loro Piana Pouch

Loro Piana L19 Ostrich Pouch

Sofia Pinte Loro Piana Pouch

Loro Piana Pouch

Loro Piana Linen Leather Pouch

Sofia Richie Grainge Loro Piana Pouch

Shop Loro Piana bags via Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter.

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