The Loewe Puzzle and Other Signature Gifts

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The two questions I get asked most often regarding my profession in the bag world are: 1) What is your favorite bag of all time? 2) Which brand do you love most right now?

Unfortunate spoiler alert: I have no favorite bag of all time. But I can tell you some of my favorite bag brands at any given moment and share why I love what it is creating and releasing.

Loewe continues to impress me. Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director, has a penchant for integrating unexpected and whimsical curiosities. The brand releases highly sought-after collaboration collections to much fanfare. Today, I carried my Loewe Puzzle Bag, a favorite in my personal collection that always stands out as different and abstract (perfect for a day at Art Basel).

With new designs and iterations constantly released, sometimes I return to Loewe’s signature core lines. And this color of the Loewe Puzzle Bag, called bottle green, dropped just in time for your winter wardrobe.

Though the Puzzle feels as if it’s been around for decades, it was the first release for Jonathan Anderson when he took the helm at Loewe. The cuboid shape features geometrical lines that resemble puzzle pieces coming together, and though this bag has been met with great adoration, it has never felt over-saturated.

Loewe’s Latest

One way to make your Puzzle bag speak to your personal taste further is by adding a charm; again, this is where the brand shines. The recent Loewe x Suna Fujita collection, a Kyoto-based ceramic studio, was widely loved upon its release. The Mandragora charm in felt and calfskin is part of this release and offers the playful addition I keep referencing.

Plenty of other new releases are here just in time for holiday shopping (Loewe, so timely, lets you know that you need to order by the 15th for December 24th delivery). If anyone doing holiday shopping for me is reading this, I will gladly accept any of the items below and won’t ask to return them!

Loewe Cropped shirt in cotton 1
Loewe Reversible Anagram Ellipse belt in smooth calfskin 1
Loewe Vest in cotton blend
Loewe Medium Pebble Bucket bag in mellow calfskin
Loewe Polo shirt in denim
Loewe Anagram Beanie
Loewe Cropped hooded shirt in wool blend

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