The Handbags of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

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As a 40-year-old married mother of two, you’d think I wouldn’t get invested in the hype surrounding a music superstar and her NFL player boyfriend. But here I am, tuning in to watch an NFL game in the background, waiting to see if Taylor is in the box and then waiting for the incoming snaps of the newly minted couple after the games.

You see, there is something that makes us all feel oddly invested in this. Whether it is out of love or disdain, the new couple is still grabbing the attention of everyone. I, for one, am such a proponent of people living their lives as they see fit, so whether this lasts, is real, or is purely marketing, I don’t really care.

Style Couple

What I have been equally as interested in is the style of this seemingly unlikely couple. Travis Kelce, two-time Super Bowl Champion for the Kansas City Chiefs, has always shown a penchant for fashion, with his game-day outfits receiving a ton of press. Travis isn’t the jeans and a tee kind of guy; he’s the one-of-a-kind The Maison by J Logan Home kind of guy. He’s the white cowboy boots with pink denim kind of guy. And while this isn’t the everyday outfit of many, I applaud him for always leaning into having fun with fashion.

Then we have Taylor Swift, the 12-time Grammy Award-winning phenom, who I have recently started to listen to in my car daily thanks to my self-described biggest Swiftie six-year-old daughter. I always liked Taylor’s music, but recently, I’ve been absolutely captivated by her lyrics and business genius.

Taylor’s style has never been one of her strongest defining factors in that she isn’t typically wearing what the ‘cool’ A-listers are wearing. But I love her for that even more. In a sea of predictability, Taylor has constantly leaned into her own style, with her signature red lip and lesser-known designers and items she wears.

When it comes to her bags, while there have been a few instances of her with brands we know, many times Taylor opts for far lesser-known brands, which could help make the year for a small brand. Don’t get me wrong, I am a designer bag lover at heart, but with someone who has a very hefty bank account, isn’t it refreshing to see her go for brands and bags you don’t really recognize?

Together, this unlikely pair have taken over our TVs, phones, and conversations, and I am happily following along. Here are the bags Taylor and Travis have been spotted wearing together and apart recently!

The Bags of Traylor

Travis Kelce Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Pegase

Travis Kelce Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Duffle Bag
Travis Kelce Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Duffle

Travis Kelce Bottega Veneta Medium Intrecciato Duffle

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce 2
Taylor Swift Travis Kelce 3

Taylor Swift 4

Taylor Swift 2

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift Bag 1

Taylor Swift ag 3

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