The Four Best Luxury Purchases I Made in 2023

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2023 marked the year of quiet luxury, Loewe love, Barbiecore, and so much more. The constant bombardment of fashion trends and new releases on our feeds and at our fingertips typically means our wishlists are longer than ever.

While I do admit that, at any given moment, I could rally off a laundry list of things I’m lusting after, I must say that I shopped this year more mindfully than ever. Item-wise, I purchased fewer items this year than ever before. Most of my purchases this year were vintage items; the rest were high-quality luxury items.

While I did add more bags to my closet than I would like to admit (I think it’s 4, but honestly, I’ve lost count), the best purchases I made this year weren’t all handbags.

Each has its reasonings for why it makes this list. Furthermore, with one scroll through my camera roll, you can find ample evidence that these items have been well-loved and worn this year (cost per wear, baby!)

Let’s get to it!

Prada Cleo Shoulder Bag

We’re starting off strong with my beloved Prada Cleo. You already know that the Cleo wins the award for my most-worn bag of 2023, and for good reason. My Cleo has become the ultimate grab-and-go because I don’t carry that much with me regularly.

It looks cute dressed up or down, and because the leather is shiny spazzolato, it’s way more durable than you would think (though admittedly, another color would be more durable).

I’ve worn this bag so many times, so many ways, and it’s truly one of those bags that feels like it effortlessly fits into my wardrobe.

PRADA Cleo Shoulder Bag

$3,250 via Prada


Loewe Anagram Baggy Jeans

Next up, we’ve got the much-hyped Loewe Anagram jeans. Love or loathe them, you can’t deny the popularity of these jeans, and. for good reason, IMHO. I bought these jeans in Paris, immediately wore them during my trip, and have since worn them a handful of times.

Again, these are a cool item you can dress up or down. Yes, they are a statement, and there is nothing “quiet” about a logo piece, but I do think the Loewe Anagram logo is not only one of luxury’s lesser-known motifs but also one of the most beautiful and unique logos around.

I’ve never owned a pair of designer jeans before, but it’s safe to say I am now a convert. The quality is unparalleled, and the (real!) leather logo patch on the back feels so luxe.

Celine Logo Strap

After being gifted a Celine Small 16 bag early last year, with a few wears, I realized I might benefit from purchasing a fabric strap for the bag. Spoiler alert: I was right.

I immediately loved how chic the ladylike top handle looked and felt like it elevated everything I wore. However, I’m often dressed more casually, and I found that, at times, wearing the bag made me feel too dressed up. I ended up purchasing a black/white logo CELINE strap, with the idea that the fabric logo strap would make the bag feel a bit more relaxed for everyday wear.

Since making the purchase, the bag has gotten much more use, making it a no-brainer in my book!

4 Best Luxury Items of 2023 2

Celine Margaret Triomphe Loafers

I wanted a pair of chunky loafers for a while and went back and forth about which brand I should purchase from. I loved the Prada loafers, but I ultimately felt like the Celine loafers were slightly more classic, thanks to the little tassels and the overall shape. I was initially skeptical of them because, truth be told, they took a very long time to break in.

However, now that the work is complete, these are the one pair of shoes that I reach for the most. I love them with jeans, skirts, trousers, dresses, you name it.

4 Best Luxury Items of 2023

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