The Chanel Star Bag is the New Heart Bag

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Some brands are known only amongst a small subset of people, while others have worldwide recognition among both fashion lovers and non-fashion lovers. While Chanel is widely identifiable for its icons like the Classic Flap, 2.55 Reissue, and more, to many Chanel aficionados, the brand’s novelty pieces are the most beloved.

For over two decades, Chanel’s seasonal bags have been one of the most anticipated elements of its shows. This tradition dates back to the late Karl Lagerfeld’s time at the House. Lagerfeld loved a good theme and used each collection’s specific, distinct concept as design inspiration for some of the House’s most collectible pieces.

A New Beginning for Chanel

Lagerfeld’s death in early 2019 signified a new chapter for Chanel. And while Virginie Viard’s first few collections for the House felt understated and demure and some would say stale (in a sense, they were a reflection of the mourning that came from Lagerfeld’s death), she has since embraced the fun and the funky that Lagerfeld did so well, but in her own way.

Many times, critics called out Karl’s knack for taking his themes so literally, but it’s the theatrical and whimsical bags that will go down in fashion history. Though no one can do it like Lagerfeld could, Virginie Viard has paved a new path, and each new collection feels more and more like the Chanel we’ve missed, but in a way that still feels relatable and wearable.

Coveted Collectibles

While in recent seasons, Viard has indulged us with novelty clutches and worthy collectibles, she’s also proven that novelty doesn’t have to be unfunctional—it can be funky and fun, but it can also be wearable.

Arguably, one of the most covetable bags since Viard has been at the helm of Chanel are the Heart Bags from Spring/Summer 2022. The playfulness of the design, combined with iconic aspects from the House of Chanel, such as classic quilting/stitching and the CC clasp closure, was an instant hit.

As with other highly coveted Chanel bags, the heart bags became nearly impossible to track down, instantly hitting the resale market and listed well beyond retail.

The New Novelty of Cruise 2024

This season, there’s a new batch of novelty in town, and Chanel’s Cruise 2024 collection, which hit stores earlier this month, is a true collector’s dream. This season contains one of recent memory’s largest batches of novelty bags. This collection is a true delight, from fun metallics and stunning sequins to clutches with kitschy patches and even a very Lagerfeld-esque Mini Van Minaudiere.

But the real star of the show, no pun intended, is the collection’s star-shaped bags. Available in metallic leather, gold, and silver, plus quilted satin, these bags are show-stopping and playful but also wearable. (Plus, they will fit your phone!) As the collection continues to be stocked in stores, join the TPF chatter in the Chanel Cruise 2024 (24C) to see what members are loving (and buying!)

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