The Best Bags from And Just Like That…Season 2, Episode 3

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The third episode of And Just Like That… felt a bit more on the ground than previous segments, filled with COVID-19-related lies! Thieves running amok in New York City! Middle-age vanity! Parental misguidedness! Communal tables!

More specifically, Carrie finally addresses the death of the love of her life—almost two seasons too late—while recording the audio version of her latest book, describing the moment she found Big on the shower floor following his heart attack.

So acute are her emotions over what happened and her displeasure at recounting the past that the character actually fakes a positive COVID-19 test to get out of the work task. How real does that feel?

Meanwhile, Miranda (finally!) decides to leave Los Angeles following a cry for help from her son Brady while Charlotte and Lisa find out they’re part of a MILF list created by a boy at their children’s school. The two obviously become obsessed with the ranking, a storyline that gives rise to a few pretty funny conversations that remind us of the light-heartedness that Sex and the City used to boast.

But the scenes involving Seema are the ones that most readily entertain and feel real in this latest episode, which kicks off with a thief stealing the character’s beloved Birkin in the middle of a Manhattan street.

“I bought it so long ago; there wasn’t even a waitlist then,” Seema says to Carrie over the phone after telling her about the robbery. Speaking of that specific scene: lest you thought to be alone in thinking the stolen Birkin looked like a dupe, think again. The bag certainly seemed “off.”

“They wanted to keep the bag safe for the end scene [when Seema finally finds it again], but they could have found a much more convincing prop,” said TheFreeRangeBirkin, an Instagram account that spots original Hermès pieces across NYC, on the record.

Vintage Hermès Ostrich Birkin 35

“Everyone’s clued in these days,” Carrie says to Seema after the latter shares her hope that the thief might have actually just taken the wallet “and ditched the bag.” Truer words were never spoken by Carrie, whose line echoes industry-wide conversations about luxury brands’ ability to constantly raise their prices without really losing customers. Not to ruin the ending, but Seema eventually does find her beloved purse, a scene meant to give all splurgers some hope.

Fendi Small Peekaboo

Charlotte’s reign as the queen of purses on And Just Like That continues strong with a pale pink Peekaboo that the character brings to a very funny brunch among four of the women during which discussions about the infamous MILF list abound. Charlotte’s and Lisa’s clear delight at landing, respectively, on spots 3 and 2 is pretty refreshing: there is something to be said about the world recognizing women’s attractiveness in middle age.

Fendi small Peekaboo

Fendi Sequin Paillette Baguette Bag

Another Fendi number worth mentioning, specifically given how it’s styled in the episode. Carrie dons the hot pink crossbody bag over a beautiful green coat that she’s worn before with matching stilettos. In the following scene, the protagonist goes on a binge-like shopping experience to try and assuage the feelings that recording her audiobook elicited.

Fendi Sequin Paillette Snakeskin Medium Baguette Bag

Louis Vuitton Crafty OntheGo

We were absolutely delighted to spot this Louis Vuitton bag in Lisa’s hands towards the end of the episode. Not the most classic model by the brand but certainly one of its trendiest designs, the Crafty OntheGo proves that the character actually is as cool as the script makes her out to be—a prime example of the clothes making the (wo)man.

Louis Vuitton Crafty OntheGo

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