The Best Bags from And Just Like That… Season 2, Episode 7

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And just like that (see what we did there?), Miranda reminds us that, after all, the Sex and the City reboot still tugs at the same themes and heartstrings that the original show became famous for.

In this latest episode of the HBO Max production, dating isn’t the only thing that has, apparently, stayed the same. Starting with Carrie, fans are finally treated to the return of her ex-fiance Aidan, the one that got away. Despite some initial awkwardness, the two seem to dive full-heartedly into their romance once more by the end of the episode.

Charlotte also decides to revisit the past, albeit professionally. After accidentally getting a bit too high and realizing that her daughters are now old enough to take care of themselves throughout the day, Charlotte announces her intention to return to work at an art gallery, a job that defined the character throughout all seasons of Sex and the City.

Although Miranda seems to have officially severed ties with her past, it’s funny to see her exploring the world of dating once again and, to put it bluntly, move on from her very intense relationship with Che. There’s just something about a single Miranda that entertains just as much as the show’s fashion. Speaking of, these are some of the best bags featured in this latest episode:

Tod’s Timeless Shoulder Bag

It’s Charlotte’s entire ensemble in the scene that strikes our fancy. Still, we love the fact that, instead of opting for a classic Chanel or a visually striking Hermès purse, the costume designer chose to don the character with Tod’s Timeless shoulder bag, pulling the entire look together in a sophisticated yet accessible way. We can also imagine Charlotte having owned the bag for decades, making the choice feel even more real.

Valentino One Stud Bag

In the same scene, Lisa dons quite the opposite of timeless luxury, opting for a bright yellow Valentino One Stud. Paired with matching yellow leather gloves and an asymmetrical mohair jacket, Lisa proves that winter fashion doesn’t have to be neutral…or boring.


Fendi First

Turns out, Seema owns at least two Fendi Firsts. In the second episode of the season, she’s seen carrying one while wearing a cheetah-print Sergio Hudson suit that we still can’t stop talking about. Fast-forward a few episodes, and the character walks into a spa in a just-as-astounding all-white look that we, of course, wouldn’t ever dream of donning during the daytime but still fawn over. The best part of it all? The white fur Fendi First that Seema has in hand.

fendi first white

Vintage Aqua-Colored Clutch

We’re going to have to cheat on this one, listing the vintage bag Carrie wears to meet Aidan as a way to discuss her outfit as a whole.

“I really enjoyed imagining Carrie going through her closet to decide on what she would wear to dinner with Aidan — it is one of those outfits you want to get right,” Katie Van Syckle, senior staff editor at the New York Times, said during a roundtable discussion with the rest of the paper’s style desk. “She went with a floral dress by Christian Siriano, and it felt like something she was probably really thoughtful about.”

That is exactly how we felt about the entire look, which included beautiful Roger Vivier stilettos and one of the most memorable fashion choices featured on the season so far: an off-white, hooded, satin coat from Lofty Vintage boasting a flower-trimmed design on the back. There’s a reason why Carrie Bradshaw is still considered a fashion icon.

vintage blue

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