The Best Bags from And Just Like That… Season 2, Episode 10

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A lot happened in this week’s episode of And Just Like That: Charlotte made her official return to corporate America (a move that might affect her family life), Miranda agreed to see Che for the first time since their breakup, Nya was forced to move on from her marriage, while Carrie prepared to officially move out of her iconic apartment.

However, it is a scene between Carrie and her pal Anthony that resonated most with audience members, an indirect tribute to the late actor Willie Garson, who shockingly passed away at the age of 57 back in 2021 after having reprised his role as Stanford Blatch, Anthony’s husband and one of Carrie’s best friends, when the Sex and the City sequel first premiered.

In need of a storyline that would explain his pretty sudden absence, showrunners offered fans the following plot: years into their marriage, Anthony and Stanford no longer got along, especially after the latter decided to move to Japan to assist an influencer client of his, at which point he even asked his former partner for a divorce.

In this week’s central scene, which takes place in Carrie’s now old apartment, she calls Anthony over to reveal that she has just received a letter from Stanford from Japan. In the note, the character mentions having become a monk, his decision to stay in Japan, and his official granting of a divorce. In a romantic sort of closure moment, the two characters then enjoy an at-home Cosmopolitan—the show’s signature drink.

Below is a rundown of our favorite bags from the episode:

Tote from Hotel Skeppsholmen

We haven’t yet focused on the many totes of Carrie Bradshaw, which honestly deserve an essay all of their own. The character has been donning a different New York-centric one during each episode—mostly carried along with her own vintage finds or designer purses. This week, though, Carrie opted for a black tote from Sweden’s Hotel Skeppsholmen while visiting Steve’s new eatery on the Coney Island boardwalk. At another point in the episode, Carrie is seen with yet another tote, this one with the words “New York, New York” written on it. As all New Yorkers know, there’s just something about a tote.

Amina Muaddi Superaamini Giorgia Patent Bag and Mark Cross Grace Lungo

There are no words left to properly praise Lisa’s wardrobe. In this week’s episode, she catches our attention when wearing two bright orange purses at the same time while walking around the relatively new Tin Building by Jean-Georges in downtown Manhattan. The character looks fabulous in her Amina Muaddi Superamini Giorgia patent bag, which she wears alongside Mark Cross’ Grace Lungo in goatskin tangerine. A match made in heaven, indeed.

Amina Muaddi Superaamini Giorgia patent bag

Roger Vivier Viv’ Choc Summertime Mini Bag

Usually sporting beautiful, uniformly hued bags, in the same scene, Charlotte opted for a much more colorful item: Roger Vivier’s chic Viv Choc. Needless to say, we’re very much into her change of style.

Roger Vivier Choc Summertime Mini Bag Charlotte

Yuzefi Dinner Roll Chain Bag and Thacker Purple Tote

One thing’s clear: the show’s costume designers are really pushing for the wear-two-bags-at-once trend to become widespread. Following Lisa’s dual purse game a couple of scenes prior, Miranda visits the UN for work carrying Yuzefi Dinner Roll’s leather shoulder bag in orange alongside a slightly bigger purple tote by New York-based brand Thacker. We’re not yet sure how we feel about the style, but the stylists get points for trying.

Yuzefi Dinner Roll Miranda

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