The Bag and Jewelry of Brittani Lassiter of Milliard Diamond Concierge

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My Instagram feed is fairly predictable – bags and unboxings, of course, followed by a lot of jewelry designers, and then a touch of everything else from parenting to meals to travel and the occasional motivational quote that is trying to offer me a pep in my mental step. While I will forever be a bag girl at heart, jewelry is a close second for me. The thing about jewelry is you have the ability to add sentimental pieces that can be passed down and signify different key times in your life.

I am sure many of you have jewelry pieces that remind you of specific occasions, a wedding band and engagement ring being cornerstones in this market. But what about a special birthday item or graduation gift, or piece that celebrates a new life? I have all of these in my jewelry collection, and each will forever hold a special place in my heart.

The Jewels

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I have been actively following Milliard Diamond Concierge for a while now and have become quite obsessed with its custom jewelry pieces. By custom, I mean adding etched text in the handwriting of a loved one and creating items that truly hold deep significance to the wearer. I thought I left Vlad all the proper hints that I wanted something from them, but apparently, I must be a little more direct!

At this stage in my life, if I am splurging on jewelry, I want it to be a piece that holds deep, meaningful value to me because that is the type of heirloom I would like to pass along. Sometimes, it means something I’ve been eying for a while and finally add to my collection, but right now, my focus has been finding pieces that tell a story that is personal to me and my family.

Brittani, the founder of the brand, shared her bag, outfit, jewelry stack, and a bit about her business with us. What’s better is she also offered PurseBlog followers a 15% discount for the next few days if you want to place an order now, so this could be ideal timing before the holidays.

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How did you get started with your line? During the pandemic, I started working from home while practicing law and started making pieces for friends and family, and it organically grew from there by word of mouth and Instagram.

What makes your jewelry line different from others? We are a custom jewelry house specializing in luxury personalized pieces and bespoke bridal collections. Every piece is customized and tailored to be meaningful to that specific person. We work with the client to design each piece in our showroom and virtually.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever made for someone or yourself? My name block name and diamond bracelet where all 4 names of my kids go around the bangle.

Next bag on your wishlist? Chanel 22 Bag!

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