The Art of Pairing Heels with Different Outfits- Types of Heels For Various Looks

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The dose of empowerment, femininity and style that comes with wearing a pair of heels is unprecedented. Heels are a woman’s best friend which gives her the feeling that she can conquer the world with just her gait. Heels have been serving women in all kinds of ways for decades on end, a good pair of heels can elevate the entire outfit and your look. 

According to fashion experts, pairing the right heels with different kinds of outfits to create unique looks is an art! Not many people know how to master this art and need some help which is why you have clicked here and you will not be disappointed.

There are so many styles of heels available in the market to like high heels mules for those who like a good amount of support along with style, stilettos for those who love the classic style, slingback heels are perfect for ladies who like a touch of elegance and platform heels for that extra few inches. 

Women are often accused of being a hoarder when it comes to heels but in our defense, there are so many to choose from! We want to make our outfits appear stylish but we also want to feel empowered and confident, heels offer everything. 

The magic that lies in the couple of inches of any heel is far more potent than any other thing, trust me! It gives you height, stature, confidence and a feeling of empowerment that reflects in your gait, in your style and the way you carry yourself around.

Heels can be worn with almost any kind of outfit but you need to have an understanding of the place you are going to and what kind of gathering is there. 

I mean, you can wear stilettos for school picks if you want but it won’t be practical right? In this article, I will polish your skills and educate you about the different styles of heels that can be paired with different outfits!

Types of Heels For Various Looks


When talking about high heels it’s only obvious to start with the classic, original and the most sought-after style, the stilettos. This signature style is a must-have heel that every young girl dreams of having one day and the grown-ups cherish and relish every single day. The distinctive feature of stilettos is that they have pointy, pencil high heels normally from 6 inches till 10 inches.  

Wearing them gives you an instant shot of confidence, panache and height. You can pair them up with formal outfits like cocktail dresses, sheer leggings, midi or mini dresses and even with a two piece skirt set.

2.Peep Toes

One of the most sexiest, elegant and hot styles of heels are the peep toes. Not only do they look breathtaking they also provide breathing room to the feet and allow those painted nails to enhance the elegance of your outfit and the whole look. 

Available in all sorts of heel sizes but the higher the heel the better it will look. You can pair up the peep toes with formal outfits, slim-fit, pencil dresses, skirts or even with leather pants to create a gracious cross between formal and casual attire. 

3.Sling Back Heels

Sling back style heels are perfect for all those ladies who love to walk a couple of inches higher from the ground but having the stability and security from the shoe itself. The sling back style heels have a thin strap that wraps around the ankle, securing it and leaves the ankle exposed. 

These heels are a perfect alternative to pumps or stilettos.  You can pair them up with just about any outfit of your choice just be sure to flaunt that strap as the magic lies in there.

4.Kitten Heels

Kitten heels were loved by the style icon Audrey Hepburn and have managed to stay relevant even after all these years, reason? Well they are a perfect way for adding a few inches to your height and elevating your style while being comfortable, easy-going and not-too-hard on your legs.

These small heighted heels allow you to wear them anywhere and pair them up with any outfit. Styling them with your professional attires is just perfect like two piece skirt sets. Wear them with pant-suits, gowns, pencil skirts and button down formal shirts or even with short slip dresses.

Talking about comfort and heels, the next style of heels does this job very well. A lot of times, women mix-up platform heels for wedges but these two styles have a distinctive quality. 

The wedge heels, about which I will talk in a minute, are heels that have slope starting from the toes and increasing till it reaches the ankle area whereas the platform heels have a separate heighted area that goes under the front of the foot and a heel that supports the heel area. Platform shoes are perfect with jeans, satin dresses, traditional wear and basically every outfit you can pair with stilettos.

6.Spool Heels

If I have to best describe you about what a spool heel is then I would suggest taking a look at the bestselling shoes of the year 2020, which is the Amina Muaddi’s transparent PVC spool heel. These hourglass shaped heels are wider at the bottom, providing the support and stability while giving the height and posture you wish from a heel. 

These heels are another perfect wear with workplace outfits and broad meetings. Pair them up with pant-suits, pencil dresses and skirts or luxury gowns for true princess feels.


High heel mules are the shoes that basically slip on shoes that don’t have any ankle strap or sling back. The support and stability is provided from the front with the strap that holds the foot in place. 

The broader the front strap is the more support and balance it will give. Mules are perfect for summer dresses due to their open design. Wear them with miniskirts, sundresses, shorts and day-to-night looks.

Wearing and pairing heels with different outfits is a very personalized thing. In order to elevate your style and brush up this art, you need to play with the heels, invest in some different styles and most importantly love them!

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