The Alluring Loewe Squeeze Bag Is Here

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Jonathan Anderson finds a way to toe the line between intricate innovation and timeless, classic appeal when it comes to his designs for the House of Loewe. A new bag has just launched for the brand, and after seeing it on the runway for its Fall/Winter 23 collection, many have been excited to learn more about the addition to the sought-after Loewe Bag family. Enter the Loewe Squeeze Bag.

The Loewe Squeeze bag brings elements we’ve come to expect from Loewe alongside unexpected but welcomed additions, including a quirky and unusual shape that still showcases the brand’s hallmarks. You’ll find ruched detailing, a donut chain that acts as an adjustable strap, supple leather, and a distinctive squishy handle.

A Closer Look at the Squeeze Bag

One of the aspects of Loewe bags that keeps the brand and its wares at the top of the bag world is the craftsmanship. When it comes to designer bags, consumers are more savvy than ever with the materials and overall feel and quality of the bags they purchase. Loewe always receives top marks, and this bag falls right in line.

The Squeeze Bag is more of a hobo shape with a bit of a freeform design due in major part to its extraordinarily soft nappa lambskin leather body. The leather also features ruching detail along the bag’s top opening, which is another stand-out feature. This isn’t a bag that you’ll see and feel like it’s saturated as far as the shape and design go, and that’s a good thing. Loewe strives to bring us newness, which this bag offers in many ways.

The donut chain, which has been integrated in additional Loewe designs, is utilized very cleverly within this bag. In fact, this innovative adjustable chain allows you to wear the bag by hand or expand and attach the clips to adjust to any link, leading to a customized length. After you play with this a bit, you’ll figure out the system and it changes the look of the bag from one that fits over the shoulder, can be worn crossbody, or carried by hand. Instead of having a removable or typical adjustable strap, the donut chain on this bag serves more as a jewelry piece (fit with an Anagram engraved pebble at the bottom of the donut chain) that doubles as a unique, functional strap.

The Details

While the exterior aesthetics and donut chain strap are integral parts of the Squeeze Bag’s design, when it comes to the interior, there are some things to note as well. You’ll find an inside zipped pocket to store items you won’t need to reach for often, which is always a nice touch. The inside is unlined, meaning the same soft leather can be found on the inside.

A simple yet strong magnetic closure allows for ease of access, and while some like a fully zipped top, it would never work on a bag like this. Even when I tried this on (in both small and medium sizes), I felt the bag sat securely under my arm nicely. The bag’s design also has leather piping, which adds structure to the base of the bag and will keep it from slouching, all while the body of the bag is generously soft and slouchy.

Speaking of squeezing, the handle is where the bag derives its name, as the handle offers tactile squeezability. This handle allows for carrying by hand and sitting on the shoulder, adding an additional design element that is as interesting as it is lovely. This bag’s divine leather is some of the softest I’ve felt, which makes both the wearer and the onlooker drawn to survey the bag more closely.

There are two sizes of the Squeeze bag, small and medium, with multiple colorways. While many of these colorways are ideal for Fall (like Chalk, Chocolate, Oak, and Olive), my penchant for blue drew me to the Seaside Blue version. The price is $3,950 for the small and $4,450 for the medium.

Discover and shop the Loewe Squeeze Bag now!

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