Reviewing My Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag

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About ten years ago, Vlad and I were invited into the Gucci factory for a tour I will never forget. It was during this tour that we saw the process of how a seemingly simple piece of bamboo was transformed into a handle on some of the brand’s most iconic designs.

The history of a brand is one of the most alluring aspects and something we shouldn’t forget we are buying into with each purchase. Sure, a new design on a new bag has fresh roots, but the archival and historical house codes live within, and when these elements are combined on a modern bag, I tend to like it even more.

This is the case with my new Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag. In fact, when the Gucci Diana was introduced a few years ago, I was instantly in love with the bag. Some elements tie back to relics of the past in a new-age manner, which I found joy in. Plus, the bag worked well and looked great; the same goes for this updated silhouette.


Monday means a #45secondbagreview – this time with the latest rendition of the GucciDiana! #letsgetpurseonal

? original sound – Megs Mahoney Dusil

Now that I’ve been carrying my bag for over a month, I can properly review my Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag.


The design of this bag continues to showcase what the brand does best by combining recognizable elements of the House, including the bamboo handles and the Double G hardware. Aesthetics are always important because it’s what we first see, and this bag is a beautiful design. While it’s simple, these touches allow the bag to stand out.

Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag Review (3 of 7)

On the top, you’ll find a single bamboo handle, which again is part of Gucci’s storied history. The Double G hardware is small, and where it sits on top of the bag allows it to be seen without being overtly in your face. There are two leather shoulder straps, one tonal to match the color of the bag itself and the other is an offset color, which allows the bag to stand out more (and is one of the aspects I love with the Gucci Diana).

This bag is recognizable but not overly so, and that makes me love it more. You can find all the House codes, but this isn’t a bag you see all the time, and that makes it more special in my book.

Gucci Diana in Cuir Leather

Gucci Diana in Cuir Leather. Available at

Usability + Functionality

Another major selling point for this bag is how easy it is to use. While the bamboo handle is absolutely usable, I prefer to use the adjustable leather strap, which allows this bag to sit on my body just how I like it. Getting in and out of the bag is also really easy, as there is a hidden magnetic closure, and the top of the bag just sort of folds over to close. Because of how the bag sits, it still feels secure, and then opening the bag to find items inside is quite easy. I am constantly reaching into my bag, and this bag makes it easy, which I appreciate and love. However, if you prefer a fully shut bag, this would be a downside to this particular design for you.

There is a single zip pocket on the inside, and I tend not to use these pockets much, but I always want a bag to have the option. It slides open easily and can keep any small and slim items safe. Overall, this bag is really easy to use, and because the shape fits quite a bit, it ranks high for me when it comes to usability and functionality.

Quality + Construction

One of many reasons that keep me returning to Gucci is its wares’ great quality and construction. I can’t think of the last issue I’ve had with a Gucci bag, and being a true Gucci girl means the bags hold up really well. Plus, I truly use my bags!

Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag Review (4 of 7)
Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag Review (5 of 7)

The cuir leather is durable but offers this nice sheen that allows you to wipe the bag down easily. In fact, I wound up in the rain with my bag one day, and the leather withstood it as if it was never touched (don’t worry, I placed the bag under my shirt and protected it as if it were part of my body). Each detail is up to Gucci standards, including the microfiber lining and the two shoulder straps. The bamboo is a beautiful touch, and because I know the process of creating the bamboo details for its bags, I appreciate and understand the artistry even further.

Price + Value

This bag retails for $3,100. With bag prices rising across the board, this price seems fair for what you get. It is a full leather bag, large enough to carry daily essentials and then some (I constantly travel with a water bottle, and it easily fits inside). The craftsmanship involved in any of Gucci’s bamboo bags is worth the price, so I find the price to be about what I would expect in today’s bag market climate.

Staying Power

While this specific shape may not wind up with the cult-like status (or even over-saturation we see) of some other Gucci bags, I find this bag to possess plenty of House codes that allow it to feel timeless and modern all at once. The shape does not feel trendy, and because you are offered a tonal leather strap along with an offset leather strap, you can make this bag feel more or less trendy as well.

Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag Review (6 of 7)
Gucci Diana Shoulder Bag Review (7 of 7)

Overall Rating

This bag quickly made its way into my repertoire, and I keep using it – in fact, I can’t put it down. The other thing that lets me know how much this bag is admired is when people compliment it, and this bag has received at least a few compliments a week. I am so happy with this addition to my collection and see it as a bag I will use for years.

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