Potterheads Rejoice: Professor McGonagall Fronts Loewe’s Pre-Spring 2024 Campaign

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Abandoning perfectionism for all things playful, quirky, and fun, Loewe continues its ongoing dialogue with photographer Juergen Teller in its brand new Pre-Spring 2024 campaign. Continually exploring Loewe’s DNA through his lens, Jonathon Anderson calls on a unique cast of characters to bring the Pre-Spring 2024 collection to life.

Ever-exploring Loewe’s commitment and history in leather making, the campaign images build on the idea of craft, an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Seen through the gaze of Juergen Teller, stars of the campaign are seen wearing the collection’s reproportioned classics, highlighting the idea that there is beauty in imperfection and offering a twisted sense of reality.

A Puzzled Sense of Realism

The photographed images were then ripped and superimposed onto white backgrounds and then photographed again, offering a sculptural feel and a tactile vibe, which is so inherently Loewe. The cast of characters photographed include actress Maggie Smith, of Harry Potter fame, Dakota Fanning, Greta Lee, model Fei Fei, and more.

The backdrop of the images provides a unique juxtaposition. Loewe’s beautifully crafted bags, such as the Puzzle, Puzzle Fold Tote, Squeeze Bag, and the newest addition, the Pebble Bucket appear against stark, gritty backgrounds. Fresh colorways of the Puzzle Bi-Color family stand out beside stunning hues of the Pebble Bucket, and more.

View images from the campaign below and discover more now via Loewe.com.

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