My Sézane Claude: The Little Bag That Could

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Finding different brands and bags that aren’t part of the usual crowd we see is always exciting for me. It brings me back to my joy when I first became bag-obsessed.

French brand Sézane is not new to the bag or clothing world, but in our little sliver of the internet, it is not as well known as far as the handbag world goes. But if I have anything to do with it, that will change because Sézane’s bags are as delightful as its wares.

The Claude

I had quite a few bags catch my eye when Kaitlin discovered the NYC store, but I kept returning to the Claude in this lovely blue hue, which the brand calls vintage blue. On a sleek design, color is a significant factor in my choices, and this color can be entirely neutral yet not as predictable as its more classic color counterparts.

As for the bag itself, well, it is small and compact yet entirely usable in every way I need. We recently took the kids to Disney World, and I wanted a small bag that didn’t weigh me down but carried the essentials, including my phone, a card case, and emergency medication for my kids’ allergies. This bag worked perfectly for my needs, and it never felt heavy, cumbersome, or really even there!

The half-moon shape of the bag is elegant and pretty. The exterior is also defined by the signature clasp, which is easy to open and leaves the bag free of loud labels. I love the back slip pocket. I used it with our Disney ride card, and it was always secure and easy to retrieve. The shoulder strap is also adjustable, so I could carry this bag over the shoulder or crossbody, and both felt very comfortable.

On the interior, you will find organization galore. An interior zip pocket alongside the back of the bag, a larger center compartment, and another front area. If you have been a long-time follower, you know how much the interior of a bag having a planful layout means to me, and this bag has it all. It’s not large by any means, but large enough to carry every essential you may require.

Complete Your Look

I was going back and forth about which Sèzane bag I loved most; honestly, many spoke to me. There is the everyday tote, the Mara, which is light and discerning. The Milo, a spin on the Claude with a more East-West rectangular shape, allows for even more items to be carried. And, of course, there is the Farrow, the casual bucket bag with the je ne sais quoi of French girl style.

I’d be remiss to leave the clothing because this is the style I love for my daily wear. Simple yet sophisticated, playful yet sharp, and right in line with the style many fellow Americans pine for. I love the many clothing options, from cozy sweaters to party ensembles, and whenever I find myself on the Sézane website, I also think I should just buy an entirely new wardrobe. Honestly, maybe I should.

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