Mimosas + Marketing in ATL

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Join us for an evening of mimosas and marketing. 

So many entrepreneurs, small business owners, influencers, real estate professionals and business professionals struggle with gaining confidence to market their business. 

There are so many common issues such as going LIVE, what to discuss, how to package and promote their brands and prod    ucts, tools and systems that are used and effective methods of promotion are topics that aren’t discussed enough in person. 

Join Jeanine Searcy & Chastity Garner as they discuss industry secrets on how they scale their brands from 0 to 7 figure brands by secure speaking engagements, paid brand sponsorship, conferences, memberships, product launches, collaborations and much more. 

We’ve spent enough time behind the computer screens join us for this live interactive night of learning and networking. We can’t wait to pour into you! 

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