Loewe Reimagines Brand Signatures in Bold Bi-Colors for Fall 2023

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When it comes to signature bags with a storied history, few offer as rich of a past as Loewe’s bags. Founded in Madrid in the 1800s, the company’s commitment to craft and stunning, quality leathers has remained through every chapter of evolution in its brand history. The brand has undergone somewhat of a renaissance under its current Creative Director, Jonathon Anderson, and it gets better each season.

Anderson’s Loewe is stylish, daring, and statement-making but still feels inherently Loewe. Anderson wows us once again this season, bringing new life into its brand signatures for the Fall season, and we just can’t get enough.

Bold Bi-Color Bags

Defined by its bold graphic lines and architectural details, the Loewe Puzzle bag shines in new, contrasting hues this season. Also joining this lineup this fall is the Puzzle Fold tote, which is already becoming the It-Bag of Fall 2023. Featuring the meticulous crafting that Loewe fans know and love, the Puzzle Fold Tote is a malleable, open-tote version of a Loewe classic that’s designed to go from flat to standing in one easy move.

Both the classic Puzzle Bag and the Puzzle Fold Tote arrive in statement-making bi-colored Nappa leather. The contrasting color combinations further define the unique, sharp lines of the Puzzle family, adding a cool edge to a staple of the House. The Puzzle Bag tops bag collector’s lists as one of the most beloved bag designs of our time, and this update offers a welcomed change without changing what fans know and love about the brand’s bags.

Classic Meets Contemporary

Anderson’s ability to debut bags that feel equal parts classic and contemporary is nearly unmatched, and this new line of signature bi-color bags echos that same sentiment. Fresh takes on the Gate Bag and the Paseo, a newer House signature, also arrive in contrasting hues. Loewe’s range of color offerings has always been vast, and this line-up expands the options even more. Discover more below and shop Loewe’s fall offerings now via Loewe.com.

Loewe Puzzle Bag
Loewe Puzzle Bag 26
Loewe Puzzle Bag 2
Loewe Puzzle Bag 7

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