I Just Can’t Get Enough of Kendall Jenner and Her Vintage Hermès Kelly

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Believe it or not, I get fatigued from looking at Hermès bags, supermodels, and supermodels carrying Hermès bags every now and again.

I do admit that I quite enjoy looking at street-style photos of models both on and off duty. It’s fascinating to see how they dress, what they carry, and what trends they are choosing to follow, given that they are immersed in the fashion world.

Still, I, too, like many of you, do tire of following what the filthy rich are wearing (and carrying) because it’s simply not my reality, or most people’s realities for that matter. Despite all that, I’m coming here with my tail between my legs to admit that I simply cannot stop obsessing over Kendall Jenner and her vintage Hermès Kelly bag.

Kendall Jenner’s Old-Money Style

KJ was spotted late last month strolling the streets of Paris in a variety of quiet luxury looks. A stark contrast from the looks she wore on the runway for the Jacquemus Fall 2023, which was partly what brought her to Paris in the first place, Kendall seems to be fully embracing old money style just like the rest of us.

Once again, I hate to say it, but I am obsessed.

The overall look is simple but chic. From her sleek black headband and classic sunnies to the fitted-bodiced Alaia mini dress that is the perfect silhouette, I haven’t been able to get these images of Kendall out of my head.

Kendall Jenner Vintage Hermes Kelly 1

The real star of the show, though, is Kendall’s vintage Hermès Kelly bag, which seems to be a new addition to the model’s collection. We’ve followed Kendall long enough to have a fairly good idea of the bags in her rotation, and I can’t say I recall ever seeing Kendall carrying this bag before.

Suddenly I feel the need to trade my sneakers for ballet flats and start calling everyone darling. Just me?

images via @danixmichelle

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