How to Tell if a Chanel Bag is Real

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If you’ve found a great deal on a Chanel bag, it is crucial to understand how common it is for manufacturers to make fake luxury handbags.

Because fakes are so common, you should confirm the authenticity of your handbag before purchasing it. A few key things to look for when determining if a bag is genuine are the stitching, the hardware, and the logo.

To make things easier for you, we have written a guide that explains how to tell if a Chanel bag is genuine. Keep reading if you want to find out more.


Assess the Overall Appearance

When looking at the overall appearance of a bag, pay attention to the overall quality and craftsmanship. A fake Chanel bag often has poor-quality stitching with uneven or loose threads.

The hardware on a fake Chanel bag may be flimsy or have a cheap finish. The leather on a faux Chanel bag may also be of lower quality, with a dull or rough finish.

Also, the logo on a fake Chanel bag may be poorly replicated or have slight variations from the authentic logo. Overall, a fake Chanel bag will lack attention to detail compared to an authentic Chanel bag.


Examine the Leather

If you want to identify fake luxury handbags, remember that authentic Chanel bags have high-quality leather that is soft, supple, and consistent in texture.

When evaluating the leather, check for any imperfections. Keep an eye out for scratches, marks, or discolorations. Also, pay attention to the smell of the leather.

Authentic Chanel bags leather should have a distinct smell of luxury leather. On the other hand, fake Chanel bags may have a plastic-like smell or a smell different from genuine leather.


Look at the Quilting

Authentic Chanel bags have a precise and even quilting pattern that is consistent throughout the bag. The quilting should be tight and neat, with no loose threads or unevenness.

The stitching should be consistent in size and color. Additionally, the quilted leather should be thick and durable, not flimsy or thin.

To check the quilting, you can turn the bag inside out to examine the underside. Also, look for any imperfections in the quilting, such as unevenness or smudging.

A fake Chanel bag may have a poorly replicated quilting pattern that is not consistent or precise.


Pay Attention to the Stitching

Make sure to look at the number of stitches on each bag panel because genuine Chanel bags are hand-stitched, and the quality of the stitching is one of the brand’s hallmarks.

The stitching on a genuine Chanel bag should be even and precise, with a consistent number of stitches on each panel.

When examining the stitching, look for a few key characteristics. Firstly, ensure that the stitches are spaced out evenly and are the same length.

They should be tight and neat, with no loose threads. Secondly, the stitching should be consistent throughout the bag, meaning the number of stitches on each panel should match up.

Finally, you should look for any signs of machine stitching, which would be a red flag that the bag is not authentic.


Assess the Interlocking Logo

The interlocking logo is one of the most important steps you’ll need to take when determining the authenticity of a Chanel bag. The interlocking logo is the iconic “CC” design.

It is a prominent feature on all authentic Chanel bags. To examine the logo, first, look for the correct font and spacing of the letters, which should be consistent and precise.

Next, check the logo size, which should be proportionate to the bag. Also, examine the logo’s finish. It should be smooth and polished on an authentic Chanel bag.

You can also compare the logo to images of authentic Chanel bags online. It is easy to do this because there are many photos of celebrities carrying their favorite Chanel handbags.


Look at the Authenticity Card

Authenticity cards, also known as “cards of authenticity,” come with the bag and provide information about its authenticity, such as its serial number, style number, and date of production.

Inclusions are tiny details or features unique to genuine Chanel bags, such as specific stitching, hardware, or materials.

To tell if the authenticity card is genuine, check the quality of printing, the thickness/texture of the card, and the accuracy of the information.

Also, look for the hologram sticker that typically comes on the authenticity card, which should have the Chanel logo and serial number.

Confirm the serial number with the Chanel website or a reputable authentication service to confirm the authenticity.


Reach Out to a Professional Authenticator

It is a good idea to have the expertise and experience to thoroughly examine the bag and all its inclusions, such as the stitching, hardware, material, logo, and authenticity card, to check if it’s genuine.

There are several options for professional authenticators, such as:
Brand-authorized authentication services, such as the Chanel Authentication Service.
Independent authentication services
Luxury consignment stores or resellers.

You should check the bag’s authenticity with more than one professional authenticator to help avoid potential fraud.


How to Tell if a Chanel Bag Is Real

Before choosing to purchase a Chanel bag, it is imperative to know how to tell if a Chanel bag is authentic. Pay attention to the stitching, the quilting, and the logo. You should also examine the authenticity card.

Are you ready to purchase a high-quality handbag? If so, we can help you. Don’t hesitate to get started today by visiting our online shop!

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