Gucci Crystal Has Stolen My Heart

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As quiet luxury continues to not-so-quietly trend, I find myself drawn to everything but. My style has greatly evolved, and I finally feel like it’s truly personal and unique to me. I do enjoy following trends and incorporating them into my wardrobe, but I do so in my own way, and I feel a sort of fashion freedom since entering my thirties. I love color now more than ever, and while the New Yorker in me will always divert back to black when I’m in doubt, I still find myself drawn towards the side of fashion that’s a lot more, well…fun. While I can agree that quiet luxury looks ooze a certain understated sophistication, I like to have more fun when it comes to fashion. Since becoming a color convert and wearing (and carrying) more color, I’ve noticed a true difference in my mood and the overall joy that dressing up (or down) brings.


The mood booster I’m currently craving? All things Gucci GG Crystal. Since the Gucci Jackie 1961 re-entered my orbit, I’ve become head-over-heels in love with Gucci’s crystalized version of its iconic GG Monogram print. I simply must have something from the line. Though it was the Jackie that first caught my attention, I find myself considering a pair of the mesh kitten heels more and more, and one of my favorite content creators @emilisindlev is not helping my cause. She’s posted the heels in three, yes, THREE different colors, all of which I’ve pinned to my mood board on Instagram. I’m currently making a list of want items I’ll consider when I head to Paris next month, and these shoes are nearing the number one slot.

Crystal-obsessed also? Check out more GG Crystal pieces below!

Gucci Horsebit Crystal Bag

Gucci 1961 Crystal Bag

Gucci Headband

Gucci GG Crystal Mesh Mule

Gucci GG Crystal Diana

Gucci GG Crystal Mesh Platform Sandal

Gucci Crystal Clip

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