Engagement Ring Trends 2024: A Stylish Look Ahead

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Goodbye 2023, hellooooooo 2024! A new year means new engagement ring trends and WE ARE HERE FOR IT! If you are about to be a bride-to-be this year then you are in luck because the styles trending this year are stunning. Check out all the details below and find your perfect sparkler.

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Our Top Engagement Ring Trends Of 2024 

Engagement rings are obviously always in style, but this year, a few settings really stand out.

  • Simple Solitaire: classic style featuring a plain band and a center stone
  • Vintage Revival: elegant, antique style rings for the modern age
  • Three Stone: two side diamonds or gemstones highlight the center stone
  • Abstract Designs: unique designs, unlike traditional styles
  • Mixed Metals: combine the style and color of multiple metals
  • Lab Grown Diamonds: engagement rings featuring diamonds sourced in a lab
  • East West: engagement rings featuring a center diamond set horizontally
  • Unique Gemstone Choices: engagement rings featuring a unique, colorful gemstone as the center stone

Simple Solitaire

Solitaire engagement rings may be simple, but they are also sophisticated, stylish, and downright timeless. This 2024 trend will shine the whole year and long afterwards. The classic design of a solitaire ring allows it to seamlessly match with a wide variety of wedding rings, as well as other jewelry.

This style is understandably popular. Subtle and understated yet wholly elegant, solitaire engagement rings are always a winner.

14K Yellow Gold Comfort Fit Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

Vintage Revival

Vintage engagement rings are all the rage and it’s easy to see why. Not only are they a great way to express personal style, but they are wearable works of art. These rings incorporate delicate and detailed designs, as well as bold geometric lines. Vintage engagement rings are perfect for those who love the art deco look.

18K White Gold Pavé Halo Diamond Engagement Ring (Oval Center)

Three Stones

Three stone engagement rings have always been in style but are set to become a trend-to-see in 2024. The beauty of a dazzling stone on either side of the center stone highlights it in a very special way. Whether the side stones or center stone are diamonds or gemstones, three stone rings feature incredible sparkle that will never go out of style.

14K White Gold Tapered Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

Abstract Designs

Featuring distinctive designs and unbelievable details, engagement rings with abstract designs are a great choice for the bride-to-be who loves an elevated look. From unexpectedly placed diamonds to artful conceptions, these rings will always leave you going wow.

14K White Gold Ridged Dome Solitaire Engagement Ring

Mixed Metals

Are you indecisive? Do you just love multiple metals and can’t decide? Well, with mixed metal engagement rings you can have it all! Mixed metal rings feature the best of everything. Combining two or more metals, frequently yellow, white, or rose gold, these rings are loved for their fun design and unique look.

A nice benefit is that you can easily match one of these engagement rings to your wedding ring of choice.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are incredibly popular, and with so many advantages, their popularity is only expected to grow.

Pros Of Buying A Lab Grown Diamond Ring

East West

If you are looking for tradition with a twist, east west engagement rings are for you. Featuring a center stone set horizontally, these rings truly stand out for all the best reasons. Their bold, contemporary style is why this style is on the rise.

14K Yellow Gold East West Knife Edge Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Unique Gemstone Choices

Gemstone engagement rings are a beautiful, unique choice for brides-to-be. More and more, couples are choosing to express their personal style through color, and this means gemstones replacing colorless diamonds as the center stone in engagement rings.

This has been done for centuries by royalty and now can be done by you! Whether choosing  a personal birthstone or a color that speaks to your partner’s personality, this trend is one you will want to join.

14K Rose Gold Pavé Halo And Shank Diamond Engagement Ring (Pear Center)

Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On

Choosing an engagement ring can be hard. There are so many beautiful options out there! Here at James Allen, we understand. Thanks to our Virtual Engagement Ring Try-On, you can “try before you buy.” All you need is a smartphone!

Virtual Engagement Ring Try On

First, tap the “Try-On” icon. Next, take a picture of your hand. Finally, see your ring on your hand! You can even share the photo to get those critical opinions.

Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring Online?

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful, we get it! If you are keeping the ring a secret, when will you go? How will you choose from all the styles available? What if you have a question? Or a LOT of questions? James Allen to the rescue!

There are SO MANY reasons why buying your engagement ring online is a good idea, these advantages are particularly enticing:

  • Huge selection (settings and diamonds/gemstones)
  • Free diamond consultation
  • 24/7 access to non-commissioned jewelry experts
  • Free engraving at checkout
  • Virtual Try-On technology
  • Multiple customization options
  • 360° HD diamond display technology


Are vintage-inspired engagement rings timeless?

Absolutely. These styles were on-trend before, currently, and will continue to be.

What gemstones are considered unique for engagement rings in 2024?

Gemstone engagement rings themselves are considered a unique, colorful option. Some of the most popular options include sapphires, rubies, and emeralds.

Can I customize an engagement ring on JamesAllen.com?

Yes! At James Allen we have multiple customization options. From designing the ring yourself, utilizing our Ring Studio, and adding a personalized engraving, to choosing your metal, diamond shape, and so much more. 

Are there financing options available for purchases on JamesAllen.com? 

Of course! We have multiple financing options available to help ensure you get the ring of your dreams.

Final Thoughts

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Whether you go for a classic or a trend, what’s important is that you and your partner love it. At JamesAllen.com, we have a plethora of options to ensure that you get that all important “Yes.”



With over 10 years of experience writing and editing on a wide variety of subjects, Sarah is a veteran of the content world. Since joining James Allen, she has focused on all things diamonds and fine jewelry with the goal of educating and empowering consumers.

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