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People often endow some items in reality with more spiritual symbols. Regarding good luck items, in addition to some lucky numbers and symbols, feathers are often considered a symbol of good luck. So today, let’s talk about the special meaning of feather rings.

What do feather rings represent?

Feathers have been given sacred connotations in many civilizations and are often associated with birds and gods. The feathers are so light that they can flutter in the wind, symbolizing freedom. In the Bible, the feather is considered one of the most common symbols. The biblical meaning of the feather is also associated with a free life and associates the symbol of the feather with heaven.


In real life, if you see feathers, you think they are left over from some kind of bird. Among Native Americans, when a feather falls to the ground, it is believed to carry all the energy of the bird and is seen as a gift from the sky, sea and trees. The most common feather ring is the eagle feather ring. Eagle feathers are among the most revered. Eagles are considered the strongest and bravest of all birds. Therefore, its feathers symbolize bravery, strength and holiness. This ring depicts the head of an Indian wearing a crest. Indians still wear a kind of eagle feather crown on important occasions. Each feather on the eagle’s crest is made of the most ferocious of birds, the eagle-tailed long-feather. This ring symbolizes the bravery and glory of Indian warriors.

In addition to eagle feathers, another beautiful and auspicious feather is peacock feathers. In Greek mythology, the peacock is the divine bird of Hera, the queen of the gods, the wife of Zeus, and the patron saint of women, marriage and fertility. In Chinese mythology, beautiful colors and the “eyes” on the peacock’s tail represent fame and good luck, as they enhance a person’s protection and awareness. The design of this ring is inspired by peacock feathers. There is an eye in the middle of the fluffy down, which represents the unique beauty and pride of the peacock.

God and angels

Feathers were often associated with the sky or celestial deities in many ancient civilizations. In Egypt, feathers were considered to represent justice, as they believed that Ma’at, the Egyptian goddess of justice, used feathers to determine the worth of a person’s soul. It is believed that if your heart is heavier than a feather, then there are too many sins and they will not be accepted in heaven. In Native American tribes, they felt that feathers gave them a connection to the gods.

In Christianity, feathers often represent angels, symbolizing charity, hope and faith. It is believed that the feather is a sign that angels are watching over you. Seeing feathers in unusual places could mean that the spirit of a loved one is watching over you. They may suddenly appear on the ground, or even float above you. If you find a white feather, take it with you for protection. This ring is bent into a ring shape with a feather, and the spiral shape is like the gentle embrace and embrace of an angel. The ring is hand-polished by experienced masters, which is convenient and comfortable to wear. The details are blackened and aged, making the ring look three-dimensional and beautiful.

Various Feather Rings

Knowing the special meaning of feathers, designers can use their imagination to design beautiful rings. For example, this ring combines feathers and stars, one is a medium that can communicate with gods, and the other is something that exists in the vast universe. The combination of the two is the collision of idealism and materialism, which is very ingenious and magical.

The combination of feathers and gemstones is also very attractive. Feather rings have the meaning of pursuing wealth and peace. The designer made the elegant feathers three-dimensional, connecting end to end, implying happiness and consummation. The highlight of this ring is that the designer combined feathers and turquoise. An exquisite turquoise is inlaid in the center of the two feathers, just like a feather holding up the turquoise. It is not only full of harmony and beauty, but also It also symbolizes the protection of peace, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous.


In general, feathers represent good things and qualities, so if you see feathers around you, don’t worry, it may be a gift and good luck from the birds, or it may be the gods sneaking from your side After that, who knows? Our feather rings are exquisite and versatile. If you believe in the good luck that feathers can bring you, our feather rings are really suitable for you.

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