Denied Entry at Miami Fashion Week: I Forgot I Was Fat

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Attending glamorous fashion events as a member of the media is usually an exciting and fulfilling experience. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, leaving individuals feeling bewildered and excluded. Such was the case for me at this year’s Miami Fashion Week. As a media credential holder with my name on the list, I was denied entry, leaving me pondering whether my weight played a role in this outcome. In an industry that often prioritizes a specific body type, it is disheartening to encounter potential discrimination. This article explores my firsthand experience, reflects on the broader issue of weight bias, and highlights the positive aspects of covering the event. You can check out my experience on the events on my Instagram and I spoke about it directly on this video from my Tiktok.  

Armed with my media credentials and eager to cover Miami Fashion Week, I approached the entrance .However, to my surprise and disappointment, I was denied entry. The door attendant cited capacity as the reason, despite my name being on the list. What was more puzzling was witnessing the same attendant quickly granting access to a group of slender, fair-haired women who seemed to effortlessly fit the industry’s conventional beauty standards.

While it is essential to acknowledge that the reasons behind the denial of entry remain uncertain, I couldn’t help but wonder if my body size played a part. Throughout my numerous experiences attending fashion events, I had never encountered such a situation before. Miami has earned a reputation for being particularly prone to this type of discrimination, where certain body types are favored over others. As someone who strives to be in spaces where I am genuinely welcomed, this incident left me feeling slighted and frustrated. Frustrated since I woke up out of my nap to get ready, look the part, and do my job.

In my personal journey towards better health, I had reached a point where I had genuinely forgotten about my weight. In fact, I often consider myself too small to be classified as plus-sized, although I acknowledge that my body type may appear smaller in photographs due to angles. However, when it comes to being genuinely thin, I don’t fall into that category either. Despite this, I believe that my qualifications as a media representative should have been sufficient for me to gain entry.

The fashion industry has been scrutinized for its perpetuation of narrow beauty standards, favoring slim figures and limited body diversity. This incident at Miami Fashion Week raises concerns about the prevalent biases within the industry and the impact they have on inclusivity. It is disheartening to witness instances where individuals are excluded or denied opportunities based on their body size, irrespective of their qualifications or talent.

Despite the disappointment of being denied entry, I must acknowledge the positive aspects of my overall experience covering Miami Fashion Week. Having predominantly attended New York Fashion Week in the past, Miami Fashion Week brought a refreshing change. The vibrant atmosphere, warm climate, and proximity to the beach created an enjoyable ambiance. It is important to recognize brands like Cupshe for showcasing inclusivity during the event, promoting a more diverse and accepting environment within the fashion industry.  

My experience of being denied entry at Miami Fashion Week, despite having a media credential and my name on the list, has left me questioning the presence of weight discrimination within the fashion industry. While the reasons for my denial remain uncertain, it is crucial to address the biases that exist and advocate for greater inclusivity. By sharing these experiences, we can contribute to a more diverse and accepting future for fashion events, one that embraces all body types and celebrates talent over appearance.

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