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Let’s talk about something personal – your engagement ring! Why settle for ordinary when you can have something as unique as you? A custom engagement ring ensures you get the ring you actually want and it’s the perfect way for your future spouse to show they care. 

Let’s get those creative juices flowing as we explore why a customized ring is just what you need and deserve. 

Learn How To Create A Custom Engagement Ring Online

Why Choose a Custom Engagement Ring?

Choosing your ring – or your partner’s ring – is no easy task. This is a symbol of your love and something that’ll hopefully be worn daily. Customization is the easiest way to get that forever ring looking just right.

Personalization and Uniqueness

Forget cookie-cutter rings. Picture a ring that’s made just for you and reflects your unique style. When you choose to customize, you’re essentially creating something with unique features that are specific to your style and preferences.

Individual Preferences

Your love is one-of-a-kind, and your ring should be too. A custom ring allows you to add personal touches. For example, the diamond shape of your dreams or a ring setting that mirrors your personality. No compromises, just a perfect fit- down to the metal color that suits your skin tone best.

How To Design Custom Jewelry Online

Symbolic Meaning

Beyond aesthetics, a custom ring’s potential for symbolism goes beyond the norm in the best way. It’s not just a ring; it’s a tangible representation of your commitment, love, and individuality. 

No Room For Error 

A custom engagement ring is something you and your partner can design together- a popular choice for the modern couple indeed. This leaves no room for doubt about what your preferences are and what ring you want to see on your finger! 

Getting Started with Your Custom Engagement Ring

Setting Your Budget

Having a set budget for your ring doesn’t mean compromising on beauty. You can still create something extraordinary within your financial comfort zone. It also helps avoid unrealistic expectations and encourages you to explore all your options. 

P.S. Most jewelry retailers offer payment plans. Check out financing options if you’re thinking about getting your custom engagement ring online. 

Factors Influencing the Cost

Ever wondered what goes into the cost of a custom ring? Materials, design complexity, and the choice of gemstone or diamond play a big role. Knowing these factors can help you make the best decisions. We suggest you study up on the 4Cs! 

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Choosing the Perfect Diamond or Gemstone

We know when most people think “diamonds” they assume they’re going to need to break the bank. But did you know that lab grown diamonds are three times less expensive than natural diamonds? While gemstones are relatively less expensive than diamonds and offer an even more unique aesthetic. 

When picking your dream diamond or gemstone it’s so important that you or your partner inspect the gem beforehand and ensure it comes with the proper certification. 

Colored Diamonds

Selecting the Ring Setting

You have plenty of ring settings to choose from, especially online where jewelers offer a wide variety of options. Here are some of the ring settings you should look out for:

  • Solitaire 
  • Pavé
  • Halo
  • Chanel Set 
  • Side-Stone 
  • Three Stone
  • Vintage 
  • Tension 
  • Bezel 

Not all ring settings are created equal. Halo and pavé engagement rings are popular and known to add that extra sparkle, whereas solitaire and bezel engagement rings are simple and classic. Your engagement ring setting is likely the biggest custom feature to truly reflect your style. 

Engagement Ring Settings

Customization Options at James Allen

Here at James Allen, we love a good custom-made ring! That’s why we have hundreds of ring settings to choose from, all available in your preferred metal color. We also have one of the largest collections of loose diamonds, with over 500,000 gems to choose from in every color, cut, carat, and clarity grade. 

Basic Customization 

For our basic customization, you can simply pick your ideal ring setting from our collections, select your preferred metal type, and add your dream diamond or gemstone. Take full advantage of our virtual engagement ring try-on to test out whichever ring/diamond suits your hand best (and yes, you can spend hours doing this!) 

Virtual Try On Feature

The Ring Studio 

Want full control over your custom engagement ring? Say no more. Pop into our ring studio where you can design your sparkler online from scratch. View all changes in real-time and just have fun! 

The Ring Studio

Finalizing Your Design

Whether you create your dream ring in a jewelry store or online, remember that final touches can make it above and beyond sentimental. Some of our favorite details include hidden diamonds and personalized engravings inside the band. 


What is the average cost of a custom engagement ring?

The cost of a custom ring varies based on design, materials, and center stones. Typically, prices range from $2000 and beyond.

How long does it take to create a custom engagement ring?

If you’re using an online jewelry store, customization could take under an hour based on the technology the store uses. In-store customization can take days, even weeks to happen.

Can I use my own diamond or gemstone in a custom ring?

Of course! Check with your chosen retailer- but it’s more than likely you’ll be able to use your own stone.

Is there a return policy for custom engagement rings?

Return policies differ so it’s essential to clarify terms before making your purchase!


Feel like a custom engagement ring is the right route for you or your partner? Try it out at or chat about it more with one of our expert consultants- available 24/7!


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