Black Diamond Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

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Black is back, baby! Black diamond engagement rings are the perfect marriage of traditional and unique. Stunning and versatile, this wow-worthy option looks beautiful with any metal, in practically any setting.

3 black diamond engagement rings

If you are looking for something that is edgy yet sophisticated, then black diamond engagement rings are for you. Because turning to the dark side never looked so good!

What Are Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

Black diamond engagement rings are engagement rings that feature black diamonds, part of the colored diamonds family. Big was really onto something when he gifted Carrie that black diamond engagement ring in that iconic Sex and The City scene.

Both on the big screen and in real life, this trend has grown in popularity and is expected to explode this year, and it’s no wonder why. With more and more couples wanting engagement rings that express their individual style but still have that wow factor, this outside-the-box option is finding its way to the fingers of more and more brides-to-be.

Understanding Black Diamonds

Black diamonds were first discovered in 1840 in Brazil, and are almost exclusively found there, as well as in central Africa. Natural black diamonds are extremely rare, with most on the market today being lab grown or enhanced. This is when natural, white diamonds are put under heat and pressure to result in the rich, black color.

This dark diamond has a rich history. It has been associated with wealth and power, the belief that just touching it can help save one’s marriage, and that it provides protection from evil. Others believe black diamonds symbolize a link between the spiritual and physical worlds, as well as a strong emotional connection.

Some used to believe the gem was cursed because it resembles the eyes of snakes and spiders. Today, black diamonds are not feared but beloved for their incredible style.

Why Choose a Black Diamond Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring should not only reflect the personal style of the wearer, but symbolize the love story of the couple. Black diamond engagement rings are a great choice for couples who have bold style and want a ring that projects their one-of-a-kind love.

14K White Gold Classic Round Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring

Advantages of Black Diamond Rings

These rings have a number of advantage, but let’s name a few:

  • Bold style
  • Very strong
  • Rare
  • Pairs beautifully with all metal colors & gemstones
  • Less expensive than colorless diamonds & other colored diamonds

Types of Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The types of black diamond engagement rings are as numerous as engagement rings themselves. However, the most popular styles are halo, solitaire, side stone, pavé, and vintage.

Types of Black diamond engagement rings

How to Select the Perfect Black Diamond Engagement Ring

Similar to any engagement ring, you need to keep in mind your partner’s style, as well as your budget. Do they want something more minimalist like a solitaire, or do they love a vintage look? Are they inspired by a certain celebrity’s ring, or are they looking for something wholly unique?

Check out our extensive collection of engagement ring settings. We’re sure to have whatever style your partner prefers.

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Caring for Black Diamond Engagement Rings

It is important to properly care for your ring so it always sparkles as bright as the day you say “Yes.” Make sure to remove your ring in certain situations such as the gym, the shower, chlorinated pools, the beach, when cleaning, and so on.

This may seem like a lot but you want to protect your ring from harsh chemicals, abrasions, and scrapes and dents. Black diamond engagement rings are strong, but they are not invincible.

And of course, make sure to clean your ring! Luckily, cleaning your black diamond ring is similar to cleaning any diamond ring. Simply follow the steps below and of course, you can always arrange to have your ring cleaned by a professional.

  1. Always remove your ring when applying lotions or taking a shower
  2. Fill a bowl with hot water and fill it with a few drops of dish soap
  3. Let your ring soak for 15-20 minutes
  4. Use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub it clean
  5. Rinse clean and allow to air dry
How To Clean Your Diamond Ring At Home

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Are black diamonds real diamonds?

Black diamonds are absolutely real diamonds. In addition to traditional colorless diamonds, colored diamonds are available in multiple colors, including black. Because finding black diamonds naturally is so rare, the majority of black diamonds in jewelry today are treated colorless diamonds.

Do black diamonds chip or scratch easily?

In short, no. While for professional diamond cutters, black diamonds present a challenge, once they reach you, they are strong just like colorless diamonds, and will not chip or scratch easily.

Can you customize a black diamond engagement ring?

Yes, at James Allen, black diamond engagement rings can be customized. Whether you choose a personal engraving, or want to design your ring from start to finish utilizing our ring studio, you can make your black diamond ring uniquely yours.

Are black diamond engagement rings suitable for all occasions?

Absolutely! Black diamond rings are so stylish and versatile. Perfect to wear everyday, after all, what doesn’t go with black?! In addition to pairing perfectly with all metal colors and gemstones, black diamond engagement rings can be worn everywhere. From the most casual event to the fanciest ball, and everything in between.

Back In Black

Black diamond engagement rings are not new but they are making a monster comeback. Their incredible style, bold look, versatility, and of course, affordability, are making them an increasingly popular choice for couples looking for options that are equally timeless and unparalleled. Grab your one-of-a-kind engagement ring today and showcase your unique love and style.


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