5 Prada Re-Nylon Bags for Holiday 2023

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I’ve told the story many times, and it will continue to be one of the most integral parts leading to where I am today: the story of my first premiere designer bag. I was off to college and had become enamored with designer bags, namely pining after a particular Prada Nylon Messenger Bag. That was the bag that started it all for me, which is why I am still a devoted Prada fan today.

Just in time for the holidays, Prada offers a refresh of some of its most coveted shapes, featuring the iconic Prada Re-Nylon alongside leather trim and gold hardware. These are instant closet staples and classics for your collection, perfect for gifting and being gifted.

The Line Up Of Bags

Quintessential Prada shapes round out this offering, including the new and already beloved Arqué. The unique curved shape, along with the ability to carry it by hand or with a detachable shoulder strap, perfectly combines style and functionality.

One way I know a bag has truly been welcomed is when I see it being carried in the wild, and I have seen this bag in both NYC and Miami. Yet, the Re-Nylon version offers a more casual and everyday appeal.

Prada Duet Re-Nylon and Brushed Bucket Bag

Other Prada shapes that have been given the same Re-Nylon, leather trim, and gold hardware treatment include the Prada Bucket Bag and the small Prada Backpack. These bags emulate classic Prada, reminiscent of when I first found myself enthralled with the brand.

Medium Re Nylon and brushed leather backpack 1
Prada Medium Re-Nylon and Brushed Leather Backpack

In fact, all of these bags evoke a 90s and early 2000s vibe that is highly captivating right now. If you didn’t ever find yourself pining for a Prada nylon backpack, we might not be able to be friends (kidding, but also, I feel like we have all coveted some variation of this style during our handbag lifetimes).

Re Edition 2002 Re Nylon and brushed leather shoulder bag

Opt for the Prada Re-Edition 2002 Re-Nylon Shoulder Bag if you want something that feels truly archival.

This bag is sophisticated and minimalistic, and its versatile design offers easy carrying over the shoulder with an adjustable shoulder strap.

The removable key ring (nice touch!) and signature enameled metal triangle logo finish off this bag, as do the others.

Lastly, there is this pretty number, which offers more leather touches and standout metal hardware. The pragmatic Re-Nylon completes most of the design, but an external brushed leather pocket makes this bag versatile in style and function.

Everlasting Style

Each bag offers a contemporary touch in more mini-bag proportions, a style that has proven it is here to stay. If we are talking about long-lasting icons of the bag world, Prada’s innovative Re-Nylon holds a strong position, and each design pairs well with everything from formal evening wear to casual daily outfits.

Prada knows how to shine for the holiday season, and while these bags are timeless, if you pair them with the right ready-to-wear or accessories, you’ll find these bags stand out in their own right as well!

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