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The earliest piece of jewelry dates back between 142,000 and 150,000 years ago. 33 beads made from snail shells were found in a cave in Morocco proving that jewelry has always been an integral part of society.

Having the right jewelry can accentuate your outfits. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just adding to your everyday styles, you want to look and feel your best. But sometimes, finding the right piece of jewelry that’s both functional and affordable can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for.

That’s where Sterling Silver jewelry comes in. This beautiful metal can offer you the versatility you need for enhancing your jewelry collection. If you want to know more, keep reading below for 5 wonderful benefits you need to know.

1. Sterling Silver Jewelry is Long-Lasting

On average, Sterling Silver jewelry can last between 20-30 years. But with the proper care, you can actually rely on your Sterling Silver pieces can last a lifetime and even become heirlooms you pass down to the next generation of wearers.

Always store your Sterling Silver jewelry items properly. Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from sources of moisture which can cause it to tarnish. Polish it with a soft, dry jeweler’s cloth and silver polish regularly.

You can also make your own Sterling Silver cleaner with a solution of baking soda and white distilled vinegar. Watered-down toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush will also help to keep your Sterling Silver looking good. Mild dish soap is also an option to remove tarnish safely.

Avoid spraying perfumes and deodorants directly onto the surface of the Sterling Silver jewelry. All of these tips will allow you to get the most wear out of your Sterling Silver and extend its longevity.

2. Sterling Silver is an Alloy

Roma Turquoise Stackable Sterling Silver Ring

Pure silver on its own is too soft, so it isn’t strong enough to make durable jewelry from. But Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver with 7.5% other metal alloys mixed in to make it stronger and more durable. It relies on this 7.5% alloy content to give it its strength and shape.

You’re still getting beautifully crafted silver pieces with the added benefit of alloys for strength. This means that your Sterling Silver pieces won’t dent or scratch like pure silver can. Your jewelry pieces will be strong and beautiful meaning you can wear them as an accent for your everyday wardrobe without worrying about damage.

Sterling silver jewelry provides the same strength and silver sheen for jewelry pieces compared to platinum and white gold, but for a fraction of the price. You are receiving the most silver for your money while also obtaining the functionality of attractive jewelry.

3. Sterling Silver is More Affordable

Adjustable Moon Cut Stazione Friendship Bracelet (Silver)

Gold and platinum jewelry are highly sought after, but the high cost can make it difficult to accumulate multiple pieces to expand your jewelry accessories collection. Sterling Silver is also an easier type of metal to produce because silver is a more abundant metal source than gold. This leads to Sterling Silver having a low cost associated with its production.

Since Sterling Silver is a more cost-effective way to buy jewelry, you will be able to buy more jewelry for the same price as one gold or platinum piece. You can afford to have a wider repertoire of Sterling Silver pieces in your jewelry wardrobe. You can find everything from Sterling Silver necklaces to bracelets, earrings, and rings.

This makes it a much more fun and easy process for finding the right piece to complement your outfits. Your jewelry will look and feel high quality without worrying about needing a high budget. You’ll also be able to build up your personal brand.

4. Sterling Silver Can Be Gold Plated

Guardian Angel Medallion in 18k Gold Vermeil

Silver is one of the most conductive types of metal. It has even more conductivity than copper. Because Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver with only 7.5% consisting of alloys, this makes Sterling Silver ideal to use for gold plating.

The process of gold plating, also known as electroplating, involves running an electrical current through a solution of liquefied gold. The positive ions in the gold solution are drawn to another piece of metal like Sterling Silver. These gold ions adhere to the surface of the Sterling Silver metal.

What you get in return is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that has all of the best qualities of gold and silver in one. You’ll have the durability of Sterling Silver with the added luster of gold. This gives you more options for finding the right piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

Gold-plated jewelry pieces over Sterling Silver metal are also a more affordable jewelry option for those who want the look and feel of real gold without the hefty price tag attached.

5. Sterling Silver is Versatile

Swarovski Crystals Disc with Initial Pendant

Sterling Silver lets you play around with your looks effortlessly. You can find the styles that make your outfits pop. Sterling Silver also allows you to express your personal style brand with the designs, styles, and accent stones that appeal most to you.

You can wear multiple Sterling Silver chains together for an elegantly layered look. Sterling Silver also goes from daytime wear to nighttime wear in a snap. So, you’ll always look like your style is on point.

Sterling Silver gives you just the right amount of bling for whatever occasion you need. Stack multiple Sterling Silver rings on one finger or choose a stunning cocktail ring as a focal piece of jewelry.

Wearing Sterling Silver complements every outfit. You can look professional and stylish or sophisticated and tasteful. Whether you want to go big and bold or small and delicate, Sterling Silver jewelry comes in all sizes and designs for every taste preference.

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Women everywhere are embracing the power that comes with wearing good jewelry. Jewelry can boost your mood and make you feel unstoppable. If you’re having trouble finding the right piece of jewelry, look no further than Roma Designer Jewelry.

Roma Designer Jewelry believes in providing every woman with the affordable luxury they deserve to look their best every day. You can find beautiful and affordable Sterling Silver jewelry necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, and jewelry gift sets. You can build your personal brand and express yourself in style.

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